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are one of the best ways to gain skills in the field of your choice, and international placements make it easy for you to gather experience from the best in the world. In addition to the experience, you’ll learn in your field, going overseas is a great way to learn other valuable skills that come from stepping outside your comfort zone and home culture. Take a look at the 100 kr free casino If you’re interested in combining travel with leveling up your resume in the summer of 2020, here is a list of unique paid internships abroad.

1. Hospitality Internship with Australian Internships – Australia

Go Down Under this summer, and you’ll find tailored training for your skills and academic background as you learn from experts at resorts in one of the best places in the world about the hospitality and food production industry. Australian Internships offers a variety of support for their interns, including ongoing monitoring, mock interviews, visa sponsorship, and resume and cover letter preparation for Australian standards. While Australian Internships provides several opportunities, be aware that only the hospitality program offers a paid internship.

2. Ski Instructor Training – Multiple Countries

Can’t stop thinking about fresh powder in June? Hit the slopes with EA Ski & Snowboard. This program offers a summer internship for skilled skiers and snowboarders interested in joining the industry as instructors. In addition to gear information sessions, you’ll receive world-class training from experienced instructors as you improve your skills. Not only will you gain practical teaching experience and earn internationally recognized qualifications in the same season, but you’ll also be guaranteed a paid instructor job at a top resort of your choice.

3. Farm Internship in Tuscany – Italy

Combine a unique educational experience with true farm-to-table living at Spannocchia. This community-oriented farm offers interns a chance to learn about organic farming, animal care, and conservation abroad as well as Italian and local cultural history by rolling up their sleeves and engaging with it. In the stunning and vast countryside of Italy, you’ll work side by side with Italian workers who will provide you with knowledge about Tuscan farming techniques. In addition to visits to other farms, vineyards, restaurants, and villages, you’ll come away from this international internship with a wealth of skills needed for sustainable and organic farming.

4. Cultural Vistas – Multiple Countries

This program offers eight to twelve-week summer internships in more than twenty-five countries, including Russia, Germany, Singapore, Argentina, and Switzerland. Whether you are getting hands-on training in business, journalism, or law, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world as you learn valuable language skills, interdisciplinary problem-solving, and respect for cultural attitudes and ideas. Each country offers orientations for interns, and a support network allows you to take advantage of your time overseas.

5. Paid Graduate Internship in Finance, IT, Advertising & Engineering with Capital Placement - Singapore

Explore and travel southeast Asia with Capital Placement in Singapore. This program provides a complete country to country service that ensures a tailored international internship experience to strengthen your leadership and communication skills. In a program of twelve to twenty-four weeks, you have the opportunity to be matched with one of over five hundred companies ranging from large international businesses to funded startups. Whether your interest lies in finance, business, advertising, IT, or engineering, you will gain real-world experience as you participate in global networking and assist companies in building practical strategies.

6. Sailing Internship with Medulin Excursions - Croatia

If you’re looking to take your summer internship outdoors, look no further than the boats of Medulin Excursions. This tourism company is looking for serious and motivated workers to join its team of promoters and contribute to its multicultural work environment. No previous experience with marketing, sales, or tourism is needed, but enthusiasm for helping people is vital. Knowledge of German or other languages is a plus. Situated in beautiful Croatia, this company has earned a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor for two years in a row, and they stand by their commitment to build bridges between the local community and young people.

7. Various Internships with Traveling Internship Pro - Vietnam

Get out of your comfort zone with one of Traveling Internship Pro’s customized internships with a prestigious Vietnamese company. In addition to improving your business skills and gaining valuable international professional experience, you’ll have the chance to travel and enjoy the views and delicious cuisine. Traveling Internship Pro works hard to provide personalized experiences, helping with placements, visa sponsorship, and housing. The program will also connect you with a local Vietnamese student who will be your “buddy” during your in-country time and help answer any questions you might have.

8. Startup Internship with Sage Corps - Ireland

Get connected to startup companies as part of the Sage Corps global entrepreneurship program. All majors such as marketing, business, data analytics, software development, and more are welcome to find placements in an early-stage startup.

Sage Corps fully supports a belief that “experience is the new classroom,” and a team of expert career professionals will match you with a company based on your individual skills and goals. Throughout your paid internship time in Ireland, you will attend networking days and conferences and enjoy life in Dublin like a young professional, not just a student.

9. Marketing Internship with Internship Union - China

Landing a paid marketing internship in China is easier than ever through Internship Union, which fosters relationships with well-known Chinese companies and promises absolutely no agency fees. You’ll be placed with companies in Shanghai, Beijing, and other bustling cities looking to build international teams in this fast-growing economy and field of e-commerce. During your time in China, you will benefit from the cultural exchange of a homestay and study the language, giving you an education in practical business skills as well as Chinese culture.

10. TEFL Internship – Vietnam

Inspire your passion for education by teaching across Vietnam. After a thoughtful orientation in the historic and bustling city of Hanoi, you’ll be placed in a local school teaching students from four to eighteen years old. During your summer placement, you’ll earn your TEFL course certification, making it easy to transfer the skills you learn in Vietnam to your next classroom. Robust in-country support, assistance with visa applications, and a local activities coordinator to help you make the most of your free time makes this program an attractive option for summer.

11. Accounting, Finance & Investment Banking Internship with Go Abroad China - China

Go Abroad China offers one of the most flexible paid internship options available for ambitious and motivated workers. This year-round internship gives interns placement recommendations in advertising, hospitality, IT, consulting, and many other fields based on your unique interests. With over fifteen years of experience, Go Abroad China supplies students with opportunities for personal and professional development through mentoring, coaching, and practical, real-world training. You’ll be able to study the Chinese language in the format of your choice, whether in a small group setting or one-on-one tutoring, and you have your choice of accommodation from homestay to private or shared apartment.

12. Culinary Arts Internship with Instituto Hemingway - Spain

Sharpen your culinary skills and experience Spanish culture at Instituto Hemingway while getting paid! As you study authentic Spanish cuisine, you’ll gain just as much practical experience learning how to make a wide variety of dishes from soups to desserts. To prepare for your international internship, you’ll take Spanish language classes to ensure you can get the most out of your placement and feel comfortable working in a professional cooking environment. However, if you are already bilingual, you will take cultural classes and begin learning about the cooking traditions you’ll encounter in Spain. The program considers requests for specific placements but asks interns to be flexible and open to its recommendations for internships at top restaurants or hotels that might be an even better match for your skills.

Paid internships give you the opportunity for a hands-on experience that can’t be found in a classroom, and all across the world, placements looking for eager learners. You’ll have the chance to see your field with a global perspective, learn from experts, and enjoy new countries and cultures. Put your summer to work this year and gain skills that will stay with you no matter where you go.

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